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DarkSpace - Beta


Metaverse: 11 Sectors
Population: Perfect

UGTO control 60 planets.
ICC control 9 planets.
K'Luth control 15 planets.
Pirates controls 1 planet.
MI control 22 planets.
Critium 32c0/0/0MetalsBlockade
Pinta0/0/0Heavy MetalsBlockade
Vertus0/0/0Hydrogen, OxygenBlockade
GorgeICC20/0/0Hydrogen, Oxygen, MetalsBlockade
Bat0/0/0Hydrogen, OxygenBlockade
Broken20/0/0Hydrogen, OxygenBlockade
Charger0/0/0Heavy MetalsBlockade
Deep20/0/0Hydrogen, Oxygen, MetalsBlockade
Econo50/0/0Hydrogen, Oxygen, MetalsBlockade
Fossil0/0/0Metals, Heavy MetalsEconomic Boom, Blockade
Cub10/0/0Oxygen, MetalsBlockade
Paw0/0/0Heavy MetalsBlockade
Skate20/0/0Hydrogen, Oxygen, MetalsBlockade
Smokey0/0/0Economic Boom, Blockade
Spectre0/0/0Hydrogen, OxygenBlockade
Tropic50/0/0Hydrogen, Oxygen, MetalsBlockade
KevlarUGTO0/0/0Heavy MetalsBlockade
Little Smokey0/0/0Metals, Hyper MatterBlockade
Draconis0/0/0Hyper Matter, UrdaniumBlockade
Cephid I0/0/0Metals, Heavy MetalsBlockade
Cephid II0/0/0Metals, Heavy MetalsBlockade
Kirian Ra50/0/0Oxygen, Metals, Heavy MetalsEconomic Boom, Blockade
Kakadoo10/0/0Hydrogen, Metals, Dark Matter, UrdaniumBlockade
Trisol0/0/0Hydrogen, OxygenBlockade
Panimu0/0/0Metals, Dark MatterBlockade
Hyperia0/0/0Metals, Cryo MetalsBlockade

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