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DarkSpace - Beta


11.5 Space Entities
The metaverse of DarkSpace is not entirely populated by player-controlled ships. Sometimes a planet will revolt, and will become controlled by a neutral force. Such a force may occasionally include ships to defend the planet. These ships are a rare sight, but may become more common as shipyard planets fall into disarray and revolt. In addition to rebel forces, the Metaverse is home to Gaifens, Crystalline Entities, and Energy Entities.
11.5.1 Gaifens
The most common space monster is the humble gaifen. This creature is peaceful unless provoked. However, if it is angered, a gaifen can easily destroy a smaller ship. It is rumored that the K'Luth ships might be based on a genetically engineered gaifen species.
11.5.2 Crystalline Entities
The most terrifying space entity is the crystalline entity. One of these creatures can lay waste to a planet. If these creatures are spotted near inhabited space, it is only a matter of time before lifeless planets are all that remain. Its crystal ray destroys population and structures alike. Reports have stated that the crystalline entity is capable of moving at over 200gu per second, although most physicists believe this to be impossible.
11.5.3 Energy Entities
Energy entities are a rare and irritating sight. An energy entity feeds off of power emissions, and drains the energy reserves of every ship close to it. Battles near an energy entity tend to get rather quiet, as no one can fire any weapons after a short time in the draining field.

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