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DarkSpace - Beta


13.8.1 General Options
o Game Refresh interval: How often the server list is refreshed while in the play interface.
o Chat Buffer Size: How much chat data to keep in memory. More memory used means a longer record.
o Chat Sound: If checked, you will hear a sound with every chat post.
o Message Sound: If checked, you will hear a sound with every message that is sent to you personally.
o Room Announce: Announces your presence when you enter a room
o Always Save Chat: Tells GameCQ to always log your chat sessions. You can find them in your ChatLogs directory.
o Automatic Login: Automatically logs your current account in when you next start DarkSpace. Uncheck this to switch accounts.
o Language: Sets your language preference, this will also affect the default chat room you start in.
o Text Size: In font points.

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