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DarkSpace - Beta


13.8 Options
The options menu contains many configuration settings for the GameCQ client. These will be explained below, with each tab covered in a separate section.
13.8.1 General Options
o Game Refresh interval: How often the server list is refreshed while in the play interface.
o Chat Buffer Size: How much chat data to keep in memory. More memory used means a longer record.
o Chat Sound: If checked, you will hear a sound with every chat post.
o Message Sound: If checked, you will hear a sound with every message that is sent to you personally.
o Room Announce: Announces your presence when you enter a room
o Always Save Chat: Tells GameCQ to always log your chat sessions. You can find them in your ChatLogs directory.
o Automatic Login: Automatically logs your current account in when you next start DarkSpace. Uncheck this to switch accounts.
o Language: Sets your language preference, this will also affect the default chat room you start in.
o Text Size: In font points.
13.8.2 Emotions
o Add: Allows you to add a new pre-programed emotion.
o Remove: Allows you to remove a stored emotion.
o Default: Restores all default emotes, and removes all custom emotes.
13.8.3 Colors
This tab allows you to set your color scheme for GameCQ. You can save and load presets, as well as restore the default colors.

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