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DarkSpace - Beta


13.1 Emotes
DarkSpace features the ability to save emotes and use them at any time. Any emotes that do not start with "/me" will be sent as regular chat messages.Pre-formed emotes can be launched by right-clicking a name in the player list at the bottom-right of your screen. A menu will pop up, and the bottom section will be your saved emotes, listed by the name you gave them.

All emotes will show a timestamp, just like any other post in chat.

GameCQ comes with a few simple emotes to start, but all the really fun ones have to be constructed personally. A properly pre-formed emote follows a similar form to the following. "/me teaches $d all about proper emote construction." Let's say that you (we'll call you PlayerX for now) decided to send this emote to Newbie. It would come out as the following:

* PlayerX teaches Newbie all about proper emote construction.

You can also use $s in pre-programmed emotes to insert your name into the emote. This is useful if you have more than one screen-name and want your client's emotes to work properly among all of them.

Spontaneous emotes can be sent by simply prefacing your message with /me, such as "/me sends a lightning-quick retort"

Please keep in mind that inappropriate emotes will reap the same rewards as inappropriate comments in chat.

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