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DarkSpace - Beta


13 The Perks of GameCQ
GameCQ is a proprietary interface from PaleStar that allows integration of a game lobby with the ability to patch the game proper, access game-related databases, and communicate between game and GameCQ. This section will detail a few of the useful features of GameCQ.
13.1 Emotes
DarkSpace features the ability to save emotes and use them at any time. Any emotes that do not start with "/me" will be sent as regular chat messages.Pre-formed emotes can be launched by right-clicking a name in the player list at the bottom-right of your screen. A menu will pop up, and the bottom section will be your saved emotes, listed by the name you gave them.

All emotes will show a timestamp, just like any other post in chat.

GameCQ comes with a few simple emotes to start, but all the really fun ones have to be constructed personally. A properly pre-formed emote follows a similar form to the following. "/me teaches $d all about proper emote construction." Let's say that you (we'll call you PlayerX for now) decided to send this emote to Newbie. It would come out as the following:

* PlayerX teaches Newbie all about proper emote construction.

You can also use $s in pre-programmed emotes to insert your name into the emote. This is useful if you have more than one screen-name and want your client's emotes to work properly among all of them.

Spontaneous emotes can be sent by simply prefacing your message with /me, such as "/me sends a lightning-quick retort"

Please keep in mind that inappropriate emotes will reap the same rewards as inappropriate comments in chat.
13.2 User Context Menu
As hinted at in 6.1, you can right-click on a player in the player list area to bring up a menu of actions for this player. Among other things, this will allow for you to view their profile, whisper to them, ignore then, and add them to your friend list. Staff have additional options in the menu which are documented elsewhere.
13.3 Chat Logs
DarkSpace chat is processed in HTML format, and can be saved to view in any web browser. GameCQ can even be set to automatically log all chat to disk. Three commands in the GameCQ menu relate to chat logging. Save log will save a copy of the current chat buffer (your client only keeps a limited amount of the chat recorded in memory). Save log as.. will save a copy with a name you specify. Close log will stop saving your current chat session.

Additional options can be found in the view/options menu. You can set the size of your chat buffer there, and toggle auto-logging.
13.4 Account Maintenance
Through the GameCQ menu, you can change your player name, your password, and your email. Keep in mind that you must re-login manually after changing your name and/or password.

Also keep in mind that when you change your account name, you will still log in with the original name... your loginID differs from your UserID.
13.5 Finding Users
By pressing CTRL+F or using the edit menu/find users choice, you can bring up an interface that will allow you to search for users with a specific character string in their names. This can also be done by typing /find (searchstring) into the chat bar.
13.6 Ignoring Users
If someone just keeps getting on your nerves, you have a way out. Ignoring someone will ensure that none of their messages ever reach you. You can ignore someone by typing /ignore playername, or /ignore @playernumber. You can also right-click their name in the player list and select ignore. Finally, you can go to the view/ignores menu to add or remove players from your ignore list.
13.7 Command List
GameCQ has a number of chat commands. This section will briefly explain them. Typing each command will display a syntax list for it.

/? ... Display chat help
/room ... List/Join/Create/Find Rooms - Usage: /room [list|join|create|leave|members]
/status ... Set status - Usage: /status [message]
/find ... Find another user - Usage: /find [user name|@user id]
/who ... Show profile information - /who [user name|@user id]
/clan ... List/Join/Create/Find clans - Usage: /clan [list|join|create|leave|info|members] [clan name|@clan id]
/friend ... List/Add/Remove friends - Usage: /friend [list|add|delete|removeselffrom] [user name|@user id]
/ignore ... List/Add/Remove ignores - Usage: /ignore [list|add|delete] [user name|@user id]
/say ... Send message to players in current room - Usage: /say [message]
/whisper ... Whisper message to another player in the room - Usage: /whisper [user name|@user id] [message]
/me ... Emotion - Usage: /me [message]
/send ... Send message to another user/friend/clan - Usage: /send [friends|clan|clanoffline|user name|@user id|fleet [@fleet id | fleet name] ] [message]
/report ... Send message to moderators - Usage: /report [message]
/away ... Set status as away - Usage: /away
/back ... Remove away status - Usage: /back
13.8 Options
The options menu contains many configuration settings for the GameCQ client. These will be explained below, with each tab covered in a separate section.
13.8.1 General Options
o Game Refresh interval: How often the server list is refreshed while in the play interface.
o Chat Buffer Size: How much chat data to keep in memory. More memory used means a longer record.
o Chat Sound: If checked, you will hear a sound with every chat post.
o Message Sound: If checked, you will hear a sound with every message that is sent to you personally.
o Room Announce: Announces your presence when you enter a room
o Always Save Chat: Tells GameCQ to always log your chat sessions. You can find them in your ChatLogs directory.
o Automatic Login: Automatically logs your current account in when you next start DarkSpace. Uncheck this to switch accounts.
o Language: Sets your language preference, this will also affect the default chat room you start in.
o Text Size: In font points.
13.8.2 Emotions
o Add: Allows you to add a new pre-programed emotion.
o Remove: Allows you to remove a stored emotion.
o Default: Restores all default emotes, and removes all custom emotes.
13.8.3 Colors
This tab allows you to set your color scheme for GameCQ. You can save and load presets, as well as restore the default colors.
13.9 View Menu
This menu allows you to hide or display all parts of the GameCQ interface.

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