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DarkSpace - Beta


8.13 Building List
o Colony Hub: Provides a minimal yet useful start on all necessary resources. Limited to one per planet..
o Dome: Provides +10 Population
o Hydro Farm: Provides +10 Food
o Fusion Generator: Provides +30 Power
o Mine: Provides +10 Mining
o Research Lab: Provides +10 Research

Production and Trade:
o Factory: Increases production multiplier by 1.
o Barracks: Builds infantry to defend against ground invasion.
o Starport: Automatically trades vital resources between planets. Limited to one per planet..
o Ship Yard: Allows production and storage of all ship classes. Limited to one per planet..

o Defense Bases:

  • Point Defense - Geared toward shooting down bombs and are heavy on beams but weak on all else.
  • Hybrid Defense - Mixed type with some beams and some anti-ship armaments.
  • Offense - Light on beams, but focus most of their energies on deterring or damaging approaching ships
    * Note: Building names vary by faction.

o Shield Generator: Defend planet from enemy bombs by covering the planet in an energy shield. Does not protect against Neutron or Bio Bombs. May only be built by ICC.
o Sensor Base: Raises the Signature of all ships in the vicinity.
o Anti-Sensor Base: Lowers the Signature of all ships in the vicinity.
o Interdictor Base: Stops all jumps within 1,000 gu of the base.
o Depot: Repairs all friendly ships within a 500gu area. Limited to one per planet..

Farming Upgrades:
o Automated Hydro Farm: Provides +20 food with no need for workers.
o Biosphere Condenser: Provides +30 food, but needs workers.

Power Upgrades:
o Solar Generator: Provides Power depending on how much sunlight it receives. Optimum location is at equators.
o Quantum Generator: Provides +40 Power
o Variance Generator: Provides +50 Power

Mining Upgrades:
o Deep Core Mine: Provides +20 Mining
o Mantle Extractor: Provides +30 Mining

Research Upgrades:
o Subspace Network: Provides +15 Research
o Cortex Nexus: Provides +20 Research

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