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8.11 Morale and Revolts
One of the most easily overlooked, yet most significant statistics in the F3 window's stats list is Morale. If, for any reason, a Planet's Morale is low enough, it can revolt to neutral, necessitating the recapture of the planet by whomever can get to it first. As such, it is important both while building and while rebuilding to manage the planet so that you do not upset the population. Any of the following can affect morale:
o The recent capture of a planet will result in an uneasy population.
o The orbital bombardment of a planet will cause mass fear, lowering morale.
o Lack of food with which to meet the population's needs will cause anger.
o The over-scrapping of troops, producing more population than a planet can hold, hence killing off the extra population, rapidly reduces morale.

If morale is low, population can usually be appeased by extra food production, ensuring quality life without hardship on the planet.

If the morale remains low enough for a long period of time, the planet may revolt and revert to Neutral control, and will have to be recaptured.

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