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8.5 Providing Power
The Hub's mere 10 power will not last you long for any planet. To provide extra power, we turn to another new structure.

Building: The Fusion Generator is used to increase the power output of a planet by 30. It requires only workers to maintain its function.

Building: The Solar Generator captures light from nearby stars and converts it into power. Its output depends on how much light it receives. It requires only workers to maintain its function.

Maintaining Power to all of your necessary buildings is absolutely essential. Without power, food and research will not be adequately supported, causing technology failures or mass starvation. As such, it is important that you consider the order in which you build structures so that such disasters do not occur.

You will find that one fusion generator will adequately power you for most basic buildings. The truth is, any well-rounded planet's power is going to be mostly spent on the more expensive buildings such as Defense Bases and Shipyards, if you decide to build them. However, doing so requires that you have something that, even if you provide all the power, materials, and workers in the world, you will still not have: Technology.

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