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8.1 Introduction to Building
The F3 screen, as explained in Section 5.5.6, is the centerpiece of all building in DarkSpace. It can be done outside of this screen, but this screen is so dynamically useful in everything building entails that doing so would be a ridiculous waste of your time. Refer back to the above screenshot as you read this section so that you can begin to understand how this incredibly deep, yet incredibly simple system works itself.

In order to build, you must have a build device equipped to your vessel and you must be in range of the "build tile" on the planet's surface or be orbiting the planet you wish to build. A "tile" is any diamond on the planet's surface, representing a space where a single building can be placed and where infantry can travel. If you're not close enough to the tile when you've selected it, you will not see any building buttons on your screen.

However, when you are in range, you will see a slew of buttons at your disposal when you have selected an available block. These buttons represent all the different buildings that can be erected upon a planet's surface by your construction drones. Some will be white, while others will be red. This indicates whether or not the building can be built on the surface.

In order to build anything, you must first have the appropriate resources. You can build anything on a planet, regardless of whether there is sufficient power or population to use it, as long as the materials are there and as long as the technology necessary to build the structure is present.

The only thing that will ever stop you from building on a planet is a lack of resources or if you hit the maximum building limit, which is 32.
Note: Earth, Exathra and Sag Hothha are a special type of planet, classed as Home Planets, they can support up to 40 structures.

However, there is much more to building a planet than slapping buildings on the surface. Every building has at least some of these requirements:
o Available Space on which to place it.
o Workers to maintain it.
o Power to run it.
o Resources to build it.
o Technology to know how to build it.

Not only are these all required for each and every building, but every single one of these resources can and must be manipulated by the player in order to maintain the planet's full potential. This is where it gets deep.

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