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DarkSpace - Beta


6.6 Advanced Autopilots
There are several autopilot options in DarkSpace, which will be detailed below.
o Follow: Use this to match the direction of your target and close in on it from a distance. Following usually limits you to about 50-60% throttle. This can be used on both planets and vessels, but be careful when choosing to "follow" a planet, as vessel computers are not programmed to follow objects for which the command was not truly meant (i.e., other ships)(Hotkey: F)
o Shadow: This is a more advanced follow that will match speed and direction without closing in on the target. This is not possible to use on planets, however, it is useful for formation flying and escorting other ships such as Bomber/Supply pairs. (Hotkey: G)
o Orbit: This will set your ship to get within orbiting distance of a planet and then stop. Your ship will cruise up to its maximum speed until it reaches the deceleration point where continuing to travel faster will result in not enough space in which to slow down to avoid cratering against the planet's surface.

Using any of these commands at a long range will cause your ship to automatically plot and follow the fastest course, whether by sub-light or FTL (faster than light) travel, and whether by single or multiple jumps. Note that the automatic jumps will automatically account for obstacles. Your ship is in safe hands when in autopilot to its destination, however, you should be advised that a ship will not steer clear of a planet when a "follow" autopilot command guides it toward that planet.

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