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DarkSpace - Beta


7.8 Boarding and Capturing Vessels
DarkSpace allows for the possibility of infantry being sent across space from ship-to-ship. If you have infantry on board your vessel (which can be automatic from the jumpgate or loaded from a planet), you can press "U" or click on their cargo buttons individually when you are in range of a targeted enemy vessel. Be careful when doing this, because infantry are slow-moving and may not be able to keep up with the enemy forces. Their pods can also be shot down by point defense and splash damage from torpedoes.

Any infantry that successfully board your vessel will first have to fight any infantry that you have in your cargo bay. If the fight goes their way, most of the time the infantry will do some systems damage to your vessel before being eliminated by the vessel's automatic internal defenses. However, there is a small chance (depending on the type of ship you're piloting and the skill of the enemy troops on board) that you will be captured by the enemy troops. You will have a resources lost penalty added to your profile and will have to select a new ship.

The captured ship will fight until the area is clear, then it will leave the battlefield and head for the nearest shipyard or Home Gate.

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