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5.9 Gaining Prestige and Checking Progress
At last we reach one of the real goals of DarkSpace: The acquisition of prestige. Prestige is DarkSpace's equivalent of ranking points, experience, or other such concepts. Prestige is awarded for a variety of different tasks, and the total prestige calculated is a weighted sum of all your profile attributes. Below, you will find a list of all the current prestige categories and how to gain points in that category.

Note: Categories marked NCC are Non-Contributing Categories that do not reward or restrict you in any way.
o Games Played: Every time you enter a server, this count goes up by 1.NCC
o Time Played: A count of your total time in-game by the second. Dividing this count by 3600 will give you your Time Played in Hours.NCC
o Ships Destroyed: The number of ships you personally finish off. This is awarded to the player who does the final point of damage to a ship. NCC
o Deaths: The number of times you have been vanquished by an enemy ship or planet, no matter how it happened. NCC
o Bonus Prestige: Given for winning some contests, or for winning scenario maps. This can also be awarded by the successful completion of missions, once they are reinstated.
o Ships Damaged: This number increases when you damage an enemy ship's hull. Damage to Armor and Shields contribute this category at a much lower rate than hull damage.
o Ships Captured: Every ship you capture with infantry adds to this category.
o Planets Damaged: Every structure or unit you bomb off of an enemy planet adds to this count.
o Planets Captured: For dropping infantry on a planet that survive until it is captured, you are awarded points in this category. The amount of points you get per planet depend on the level of construction on the planet.
o Friendly Fire: This keeps track of how much damage you do to your own teammates.
o Units Repaired: Spending time repairing ships in a supply will net you points in this category.
o Construction: Building structures on a planet adds to this value. Scrapping structures takes away from it.
o Kamikaze: This is awarded for damage done to enemy ships with the explosion of your own ship.
o Self Destructs: This is the number of times you've destroyed your own ship.
o Jumps: Every time you engage your jump drive, this counter increases by one.
o Planet Collisions: If you run into a planet, this goes up by one.
o Scout: Earn scout points by beaconing enemy ships.
o Resources Lost: This value increases when you lose ships and detracts from your overall prestige.
o Credits: Amount of credits you have purchased on your account for buying enhancements. NCC

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