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11.3 The K'Luth
The K'Luth culture has been the subject of many recent intelligence missions. A rough sketch of their culture and history has been developed, and is under constant revision. It has been determined that the biological ships of the K'Luth have a type of cloaking device, allowing the K'Luth to bend light around their ships and mask their energy signatures. The biological nature of the K'Luth ships also allows their ships to heal without the aid of repair drones. As a result, any K'Luth ship that is not completely destroyed can cloak itself, retreat from combat, and return to battle completely repaired.

The K'Luth have been observed to primarily employ hit-and-run strikes against the humans, although massive fleets have been seen engaged in direct confrontations with valiant human defense forces. It is thought that the K'Luth may have evolved from a sea predator accustomed to lying in ambush for its prey. Part of the fear associated with the mention of the K'Luth is their psychic power. Although human science has yet to explain these phenomena, the K'Luth appear to be able to use their ships to shape their thoughts into weapons! Their psi-missiles are terrifying. Normal sensors cannot detect these projectiles. The scanner device is the only hope for a human fleet under assault by psi-missiles.

The K'Luth are becoming increasingly more difficult to detect on sensors. It is believed that their research efforts are focusing on the continued improvement of their cloaking systems. In the future, human guards will have to be on constant alert, as the K'Luth may be able to reach our very home world without once being seen.

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