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11.2 The Interstellar Cultural Confederation
The ICC are the most defensive of the three factions. They excel in stand-off missile combat, and are able to quickly rotate shield power to prevent focused attacks from penetrating to the ship's hull. While shields drain power, they provide a fast recharge, and the energy can be quickly transferred to any shield quadrants should the need arise. ICC have adapted their shielding technology to a planetary scale, multiple shield generators can be placed to defend a single planet, each adding to the total shield strength and recharge rate.

Additionally, the ICC have developed a new, ultra-fast charging point defense laser code-named the pulse beam. While this weapon does almost no damage against ships, it can short out the guidance systems of all bombs, missiles and fighters, causing them to explode prematurely. Unfortunately, the manual piloting and shield piercing hull of infantry pods renders these beams nearly useless against enemy invasion forces. There are also rumors of UGTO and K'Luth research into new fighter systems that would resist the power of the pulse beam. The culmination of the ICC pulse beam and shield technologies can be found in the pulse shield. This shield destroys all missiles, fighters, mines and bombs in a radius around the ICC ship. A few ships equipped with pulse shields can defend a planet against orbital bombardment indefinitely.

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