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11.1 The United Galactic Trade Organization
The UGTO are probably the most well rounded of the three factions. Their ships boast thick armor, which can be rapidly repaired by depots or supply ships. Although the armor repair process is slightly slower than the ICC shield recharge rate, the nanobots reassembling the ship's armor run on solar power and scavenged stellar debris and do not drain the ship's energy reserves at all. UGTO ships are good at getting into combat and pounding the enemy.

UGTO scientists have recently completed basic research into flux technology. Flux beams have the ability to cause system damage when penetrating enemy defenses, allowing the UGTO to knock out key systems on enemy ships. Additionally, they have developed a flux wave, which affects all nearby ships, including friendlies. The flux wave damages ships and will do system damage if an enemy's defenses are knocked out.

The UGTO also boast mighty Carrier Dreadnoughts. Like the aircraft carriers of the 20th century, the ship has little power on its own, but is capable of launching massive squadrons of fighters from a distance. Rumor has it that advanced fighter prototypes have been seen in the UGTO central research facility on Earth. If true, these fighters will ensure the UGTO's supremacy in space.

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