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DarkSpace - Beta


5.1 Game Types and the Server List

There is an easy way to get some basic detailed information on the server. Just single-click any server and leave your cursor over the server name and a tool-tip will appear with the following information:
o Server Name
o Server Description
o Map type, and/or Specific Scenario Map
o Map/Scenario Description
o Time: How long the server has been running that map. If there is a second number, it lists time remaining on the map. If not, the map has no time limit.
o Balanced: If the server is Balanced, it forces new players to join the team with the least cumulative prestige, generally the team with the least players.
o Clan: If the server has the clan flag enabled, you will be forced to join your clan's faction if you are in a clan.
o Max Rank: This lists the maximum rank allowed on the server for ship selection purposes. If you are higher than this rank, you can still join, but you will be limited to the ship selection for the maximum rank on the server, and you will not gain any prestige.
o Version: This lists the version of DarkSpace running on the server. This should be the same for all servers. If it's not, then a recent update probably happened, and the issue should be resolved soon.
5.1.1 Scenario Servers
Scenario servers are designed to provide players with a time-limited battle between two or all of the current factions. When entering a scenario server, you will be prompted to select a faction. You will be locked to that faction until the end of the game, or until you log out.

The game begins with all planets unclaimed. Several planets will be marked with a flag icon in the navigational display. The first team to capture all of these flag planets will win the scenario. If no team captures all of the flag planets, the team with the most of them when time expires will be declared the winner.

The players on the winning team receive bonus prestige based upon their rank, and the percentage of the scenario time they played. At the conclusion of a scenario, a new map is automatically loaded, and the battle begins anew.

When playing in a scenario, basic ships (scouts, frigates, engineers and transports) may be spawned at your home gate, while all other ship types must be built at a planetary shipyard. You have access to a garage for 6 ships in a scenario, but that garage will reset upon a map change.
5.1.2 MetaVerse Servers
The Metaverse is the main attraction of DarkSpace. Here, you will find massive fleet battles for control of a persistent online universe. When entering the metaverse for the first time, you will be prompted to select a faction, unless you are currently in a fleet. All fleets have pre-selected faction allegiances, which may only be changed by fleet administrators. If you are not in a fleet, you may change factions upon re-entering the Metaverse.

While in the Metaverse, players have access to a garage for storage of up to eight customized ships.
When switching factions, you retain your storage, but cannot use ships from your old factions. Garage ships will remain until your permanent storage is reset. Garaged ships may be spawned at any available shipyard or home gate. As with the scenario server, basic ships may be spawned at your home gate, while all larger ships must be built at a planetary shipyard. There is no true end to the Metaverse, although it may be reset to neutrality if one faction achieves complete dominance.
5.1.3 Clan Servers
Clan servers are not a true server type, but rather a modification to the traditional server types. As mentioned before, clan and fleet are interchangeable in DarkSpace. When a server enables the clan option, players are forced to play on the same faction as their fleet.

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