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Ghosts of the Revolution
Fleet Name:Ghosts of the Revolution
Motto:GOTR is a gaming community that focuses on teamwork and large numbers to achieve success. We believe that as a group we are greater than the sum of our parts. We also believe in a concept in which the community is not answerable to any one person - our command staff rules as a council, with an executive leader to make decisions with the council's suggestions. However, this leader does have the power to make his own decisions if he believes it is for the good of the community. GOTR operates using a divisional system that places players with similar playstyles together to maximize effectiveness on the battlefield. We believe in playing honorably and not using cheap tactics to win. The Pillars, the rules by which we govern our community, can be found in full on our website.

13 Members, 0 Recruits
NameRankScoreLast Login
EmyLightsaber2nd Rear Admiral4289.56February 13, 2015
buddahxxAdmiral23511.3June 29, 2012
Cetrius1st Rear Admiral9762.14November 11, 2011
DraGonKniGht20Captain2536.84March 13, 2011
Fast-and-FreeLieutenant Commander602.065October 17, 2013
FreezonePK2nd Rear Admiral2979.63March 25, 2011
Iopis2nd Rear Admiral4434.26March 15, 2011
KrinseeVice Admiral12086.1March 15, 2011
RaptorMagnumCaptain1473.3April 14, 2011
Reignman2nd Lieutenant92.4685August 23, 2010
robocpf1Lieutenant Commander442.287March 15, 2011
Sakata2nd Rear Admiral2743.47December 22, 2010
WescoAdmiral24885.8June 29, 2012

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