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8.9 Upgrading Structures
Existing structures can now be upgraded in-place, eliminating the need to first scrap a building before a more advanced structure can be built. This is beneficial to your construction profile statistic, and allows players to more easily improve upon planets built up by automated engineer ships.

To upgrade a structure, for example, a hydro farm with an automated hydro farm:

  • Select the building's icon on the planet surface or structures display on the Engineering Screen (F3)
  • Click the desired upgrade structure from the building list above the target info window on the right side of the screen.

    The existing structure will be automatically removed, with no prestige penalty to the player, and your construction drones will start constructing the new building.

    Buildings may only be upgraded with buildings of the same type, farms can only be upgraded to higher level farms, mines can only be upgraded to higher level mines, and so on. Defense structures include all types of defense bases, interdictor bases, sensor/anti-sensor bases, planetary shields, and planetary depots, which means they're all valid upgrades for any given defense structure.
    You may also upgrade directly from a level 1 structure to a level 3 structure, providing all requirements for that structure are met.

    Upgradable structures
  • Hydro Farm (L1), Automated Hydro Farm (L2), Biosphere Condenser (L3)
  • Mine (L1), Deep Core Mine (L2), Mantle Extractor (L3)
  • Fusion Generator (L1), Quantum Generator (L2), Variance Generator (L3)
  • Research Lab (L1), Subspace Network (L2), Cortex Nexus (L3)
  • Defense Base I, Defense Base II, Anti-Ship Base I, Anti-Ship Base II, Point-Defense Base I, Point-Defense Base II, Interdictor Base, Sensor Base, Anti-Sensor Base, Shield Generator, Depot

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