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8.14 Building Platforms
Platforms are a unique type of space-based structure, similar to a very small station. Platforms serve as an additional layer of defense around a planet, or can form a small outpost in deep space where ships can refuel, repair and reload.

To build a platform, you first need to be in an engineering ship, and have enough Resources in your cargo hold.

You can load Resources from any allied planet with a Starport by selecting the Starport (when within 250 gu) and pressing CTRL + U (or the Use button) to load up to 1000 units each key-press.

Once you are fully loaded, you will need to hold down the CTRL key, and left-click a point in space. You will now see a set of buttons representing Platforms that you can build above the target information window. Simply click a button to begin construction, and the necessary Resources will be taken from your cargo.

There are three primary platform types:

o Defense Platform - Great for orbital point defense and for attacking enemy vessels
o Sensor Platform - Good for supporting your factions electronic warfare capabilities. Also features basic point defense.
o Supply Platform - This has similar point defense to the Sensors Platforms, and will automatically attempt to repair and resupply any friendly target within range. Will cause significant damage to nearby platforms and ships when destroyed.

The individual weapon and armor layouts for these will vary from faction to faction, but are essentially similar across factions.

Once constructed, platforms will need to be maintained by unloading Resources onto them. By default they have enough Resources to last for about 2 hours. Fully restocking a platform will enable it to survive for up to 25 hours before needing to be re-supplied. Unloading Resources onto a platform will not resupply it's ammunition or repair any damage. To do this will require a ship equipped with Supply Drones.

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