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DarkSpace - Beta


6.5 Jump Gates
Jump gates are static objects that provide instant point-to-point travel between two connected gates. While jump drives are used to move ships around within a system, jump gates are used to move ships between systems. These gates are the fastest method of getting from one place to another (aside from wormholes).

Jump gates are shown on the Navigation Screen (F2 key) as a white line between star systems, with a yellow icon for the gate itself at each end.

Using a jump gate is a very simple process, simply locate the end nearest you, and fly straight into it. Your ship will then pop out at the opposite end.
6.5.1 Wormholes and the Wormhole Device
Some vessels, such as Stations and the Command Dreads, can utilize devices which have the ability to create intense gravitronic pressure in order to form temporary tears in the fabric of space. These singularities are called wormholes, and they can be used for transit from one end to the other as long as they are active, and are used in the exact same manner as jump gates.

These Wormhole Devices replace the Jump Drive slots on their respective ships, but both are potent weapons that can be deadly when used effectively in an enemy fleet's strategy.

Random wormholes have been known to open at uneven intervals, linking vastly separated systems together instantaneously. A wormhole's white, star-emulating glow and powerful hum are unmistakable.

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