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- Planet capturing now allowed...
- Do not capture or bomb planets in beta...
- Important Key Binding Changes
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DarkSpace - Beta


5.11.6 Navigation Screen
Alt + A Order Attack Target

B Toggle Orbit Paths

C View Camera

Alt + C Order Capture Target

Alt + D Order Defend Target

E Target Nearest Enemy

F Follow Target

G Shadow Target

H Target Last Distress

I Toggle Ship Icons

J Jump to Target

K Toggle Grid

Ctrl + L Toggle Planet Lock

N Toggle Contacts List

O Orbit Targeted Planet

P Toggle Planet Icons

R Target Nearest Friendly

Alt + S Order Scout Target

Ctrl + T Transfer Credits

Alt + T Take Screenshot

X Zoom Out

Shift + X Instant Zoom Out to Maxinum

Alt + X Cancel Order

Y Toggle Ship Orders

Z Zoom In

Shift + Z Instant Zoom In to Minimum

Spacebar Center Map on Target

Enter Type/Send Chat

Control Create Target at Cursor

Esc Return to Tactical

Numpad 1 Toggle Ship Status HUD

Numpad 3 Toggle Target HUD

Numpad 3 Toggle Communication Console Hud

MouseWheelUp Zoom In

MouseWheelDown Zoom Out

Mouse 1 Nudge/Drag Map, Select Target

Ctrl + Mouse 1 Target Point

Mouse 2 Rotate Map

, Object Parent

. Next Object

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