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DarkSpace - Beta


5.11.3 Combat
Mouse 1 Select Target

Ctrl + Mouse 1 Target Point

Spacebar Alpha Strike

Shift + Spacebar Manually Detonate All Weapons, Toggle Point Defense

1 - 9 Use Group

Shift + 1 - 9 Detonate Group Weapons, Toggle Group Point Defense

0 Remove Selected Device From Group

B Fire Bombs, Drop Mines

Shift + B Manually Detonate Bombs, Mines

Ctrl + B Toggle Point Defence

I Toggle Interdictor, Station Area Reload

N Launch Fighters

Shift + N Recall Fighters

V Use Flux Wave, Use Pulse Wave, Toggle Cloak

Shift + H Send Resupply Distress

Ctrl + H Send Attacked Distress

T Toggle Tractor Beam, Fire Beacons

Shift + T Deactivate Beacons

Y Repair/Reload Target

Shift + Y Repair/Reload Self

M Toggle ECM

P Toggle ECCM

K Toggle Scanner

Ctrl + S Toggle Shields

Numpad 2 Transfer Shield Energy to Aft

Numpad 4 Transfer Shield Energy to Left

Numpad 5 Tranfer Shield Energy to Full

Numpad 6 Transfer Shield Energy to Right

Numpad 8 Tranfer Shield Energy to Fore

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