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6.4 Jump Fuel and Refueling
All jump fuel is indicated by the number on the jump drive device, ships carry different amounts of fuel depending on their hull size. All ships, if they jump around long enough, will eventually run out of jump fuel. The bigger the ship, the faster it will burn this invaluable resource. There are multiple methods of replenishing your tank.
o Resupply: Planetary Depots or Supply Vessels will refuel your tank quickly when you are within 250 gu of them.
o Hydrogen Planets: Several different types of planetary bodies ranging from Gas Giants to Terran planets might have the "Hydrogen" resource available in mass quantities within their atmosphere. Orbiting these planets will refuel you slowly.
o Orbiting: Orbit any friendly planet and you will regain fuel, though much slower than if you were being resupplied.

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