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DarkSpace - Beta


6.2 Plotting a Jump's Course
Fortunately, checking for a clear course to your target is easy. Activate the Navigational screen using F2, and any target you select will have a line drawn to it from your ship. If this line is white, your path is clear of all major obstacles such as planets. If it is blinking red, then your path is not clear and you should see a blinking red box somewhere along the line indicating that your vessel will not survive a pass with a certain object.

It is important to remember that not all obstacles are easily detected by your vessel's jump alignment systems. Asteroids are an often invisible and extremely lethal source of damage to your vessel should you ram into them while traveling at several hundred thousand kilometers per second, so it is important to be aware of the dangers, no matter what color your jump line is.
6.2.1 Advanced Plotting
You can also use CTRL+click in the tactical or navigational screens to select a jump location. This has numerous uses within DarkSpace (such as close-jumping a planet or enemy vessel or jumping straight through a gate), as you will discover as you play more and more into the game.

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