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DarkSpace - Beta


6.1 Jump Drives
Every ship in DarkSpace has a Jump Drive. There are varying types of Jump Drive, which can be installed as an upgrade to your ship. These devices are used to travel at extreme speeds across long distances. Jump speed, range, and recharge time depends on your vessel. If you are in the scout, you can travel hundreds of thousands of "GU" on a full fuel tank. A Dreadnought can only travel a fraction of that distance before having to refuel, as its massive hull forces increased fuel burn.

The hotkey for any kind of Jump Device is "J", which can be used to jump in a straight line to any selected target. It is extremely important, however, that you be careful to know where you are jumping, as carelessness can send your vessel hurtling into the solid core of a gas giant or through the destructively searing corona of a star.

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