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7.1 Getting in Range and Targetting
All weapons have two characteristics: a firing arc and a maximum range. No weapon will fire at a target outside its range, and if a target leaves its range after being fired upon, a projectile weapon will explode after traveling its maximum distance. In step with this, a laser weapon will stretch beyond its range, but cease to do damage beyond that point. If a weapon or other device is mounted to the front of a vessel, it will only be able to fire if its target is somewhere in the front of the vessel.
In addition, some weapons (primarily missiles and bombs) have a minimum time to arm; you will not be able to fire these weapons if the target is too close to your ship.

When a target is selected (you can fire on anything), all the devices that are in range will become active, meaning the system buttons on your screen will glow green. You can examine any weapon's arcs and range by right-clicking on the system. Range and arcs will show up as an area of space around your ship shaded in a crimson red.
7.1.1 Manual Targetting
As a more advanced tactic, you can target an area in space and fire upon it by using your mouse to CTRL+Click. If you hold down control, a target indicator will appear over your cursor in the tactical window (this also works in the navigation window). Simply click when you are pointing at the desired area and the target will be selected. This will allow you to target a specific point in space and fire upon it.

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