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DarkSpace - Beta


3.2.2 Browser Tab

The Back, Forward, and Refresh buttons on the Navigation Bar are mirror images, in terms of usage, of a typical web browser. They make moving around the DarkSpace homepage in GameCQ easy and fast. The other buttons, however, are designed specifically for use with the DarkSpace homepage and will teleport you quickly to sections of the page without having to click links on the page itself.

o Home will take you to the front page of DarkSpace.net.
o News lets you view the latest DarkSpace News Articles quickly and easily.
o Forum takes you to the DarkSpace user forums. Here you can post message threads for discussion with other members.
o Downloads links you quickly to a list of available DarkSpace programs and files.
o Profile allows easy access to your prestige totals and statistics that you've accumulated as a player.

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